Current projects:

World Economic Forum

    • original music for the 2020 conference in Davos, Switzerland

Tobin Kirk (Director)

  • original songs and score + music supervision for a documentary on the Pipeline skatepark

Recent projects:

Rocket “leon” phelps

World Economic Forum

    • original music for the 2019 conference, Dalain, China
    • original music and playlists for the 2019 conference, Davos, Switzerland
    • original music and playlists for the 2018 conference, Tianjin, China

Faraday Future

  • commercial work

Daniel Nyiri (Director)

  • feature film “Confession” – pending 2019 release

“One of the most important decisions I made as director (and one of the first) was hiring Steve McAllister. He has the musical range to compose in any style I requested, plus the artistic skill to interpret  – and improve upon – my numerous notes and instructions, however abstractly I expressed them. He proved to be an enthusiastic, dependable and selfless collaborator, which in the cauldron of filmmaking is a blessing not to be taken lightly. His efforts elevated my film substantially.

I hope to abuse him further on any and all subsequent films I make.” – Daniel Nyiri

George “the fatman” sanger

  • An enormous number of co-writes and projects for games and other miscellany. Some released, most just failed to see the light of day.

Angelic Crystal

I saw this sculpture by Richard MacDonald and thought it deserved a piece of music. So I wrote one.


Some Songs

I’m Gonna Write Show Tunes

Once, Now, Forever

I always wanted to write a Bond theme. My pal Tobin Kirk whipped together the video from existing footage.



Rings too small for fingers

Guitar: Mike Keneally



guitar: Dave Gregory